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ICBIE Volunteers – Expectations and Requirements

The Institute of Culture Brazil Italy Europe relies upon its volunteers, and they help in every aspect of our work. Many volunteers, through their commitment and hard work, have succeeded in developing deep personal bonds that have sustained us through thick and thin. Others have been less effective, shirking their duties and behaving in a way that is not compatible with the spirit and the mission of the ICBIE. With all the important work that we have to do, it is clear that we need the right people. If you are looking for an exotic place to relax, or are planning an egotistical search to find yourself, or are trying to escape the boredom of the modern world, please look somewhere else. We need volunteers who are highly motivated and generous with their time and effort: people who have something important to share with our community, not people who think that a bit of volunteer work will permit them to enjoy a longer holiday at a lower price. All volunteers are screened prior to engagement and monitored during their term in residence.

Each volunteer will be expected to take on an allotted project that will be agreed upon in advance, based upon your objectives, on your planned activities, on your work schedule and on the amount of time you plan to stay. Your intellectual or administrative work does not exempt you from more humble tasks, such as cleaning your room, the kitchen and your work place. Volunteers are expected to take full responsibility for their project and will be expected to periodically report on their progress to their supervisor. It is essential that our volunteers help us in our work, not create more problems. We expect you to make some kind of material contribution: if you are short of money, bring us your old laptop, or teaching materials, or something else that would be useful. We can offer you very inexpensive accommodation, paying only a nominal fee for maintenance, utilities, services and taxes: even if you are a poor student, we can’t afford to pay for your presence. Our limited funds are entirely dedicated to helping the local community and supporting the Institute’s growth.

We prefer volunteers with experience and skills specific to our mission: education, languages, fine arts, computer technology and community-based social work. We look for dynamic people who will inspire our students, providing an example that will show them a path to a better life. In return for your efforts, our vibrant community will overwhelm you with warmth, enthusiasm, and friendship.

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