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Italian Cinema Festival

The Festival Festa do Cinema Italiano brings once again to Brazil an ambitious and exclusive selection, with the best and most interesting films of the recent Italian production, with a show that takes place from August 31 to September 6, 2017 in eight cities.

This time the festival broadens its circuit and will also be held at Salvadore and Recife. The Itaú Cinema Space will show the seven films selected for the show.

The official poster of this edition was created by the master of comics Milo Manara, which was inspired by the classic La città delle donne (City of Women, 1980) by Federico Fellini to create the illustration.

The opening film of this issue will be In War for Love, a film directed and starred in by the comedian and actor PIF (Pierfrancesco Diliberto), a comedy that makes a humorous and deep reflection on love, Sicily and The mafia, in a plot that goes on in the middle of World War II.

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