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ICBIE Testimonials

Testimonials from ICBIE Friends, Volunteers and Students


To engage our whole community in the festivities for the ten years of activity of the Institute, we asked those who were affiliated with the Institute, either in the past or in the present, to write a brief description of what the ICBIE means to them, together with a few significant photos that remember their moments at the ICBIE.

“ICBIE is the locus of souls morphing together. Uniting different abilities, such as, awareness, culture, and art; ICBIE is able to transform lives and minds, in so doing, promoting a giant regenerative network of dreams.”
Cely Pereira

“It’s as if they planted me in a place with fertile ground, a place that could satisfy my needs and offer me even more, in almost an unlimited way…”
Jean Santos

“From the ICBIE I received a new vision of people, of culture, of the world, of life…”
Eduardo Moreira

“I hope that one day (and I hope it’s soon) ICBIE will be recognized not only as an organization that educates, but also an organization that feeds the dreams of many people, boosting their self-esteem…”
Rosilene Mangueria

Fernanda Passos              Valdenice Santana         Cely Periera                    Sara Conceição

Eduardo Moreira              Juzy Scuccato                 Ramon Hernandez       Rosilene Mangueira

Marjorie Dos Anjos          Jean Santos                    Luca Liso

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