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Chronology of cultural events held at the ICBIE since its foundation

May, 2005:
THE FOUNDATION OF THE ICBIE, with the registration of the statutes of the association in the public registry and the beginning of the first courses.
January, 2006
THE INAUGURATION OF THE LEONARDO DA VINCI LIBRARY, with in a live broadcast by the Third Program of the Italian National Radio (RAI), wiyh the Italian Consul, Giovanni Pisanu, with Mario Bortolotto, Paolo Fresu, Guido Zaccagnini and Mary Norris from The New Yorker magazine. Inaugurazione, Correio da Bahia, Aqui Salvador, A Tarde, Estado da Bahia
EXHIBITION OF THE PAINTINGS OF ELE D’ARTAGNAN, actor/painter, whose works provided funds for the founding of the ICBIE and the project that bears his name.
THE ICBIE WORKSHOP IN THEATER/POETRY, directed by José Carlos Novaes (Cacau), presenting poetry through the use of theater.
LAUNCHING OF THE BOOK EUROTIC by Patrice de Moraes, with music by the group Os Bocas do Inferno. Convite Eurotico
ICBIE POETS’ MEETING: Douglas de Almeida, Geraldo Maia, Rita Santana, Cacau Novaes, Edgar Velame, Nívea Maria, Patrice de Moraes, Silvério Duque, Jocélia Fonseca, Márcia Santos, João Vicente, Marcos Peralta, Luís Fernando, with a lecture by Lisa Ginzburg.
POESIA & CO. Tudo vale a pena se a alma não é Pequena (It’s all worthwhile if the soul isn’t small) Texts by Fernando Pessoa, directed by Cacau Novaes.
DANÇA DE MENINOS, from the Projeto IAÔ ILÊ by Sete Portas, directed by Augusto Omolu.
WORKSHOP FOR FASHION MODELS AND DANCE, initiated by the ICBIE and directed by Tonny Valenthe and Milla Teixeira, who presented the spectacle Tropicalism at the end of the course.
CONCERT BY THE ICBIE WORKSHOP IN CHORAL SINGING, directed by Natali Lopes Miranda. Music by Schubert, The Beatles, Paoli e Brasilian composers.
CONCERT BY LIU BARRETO, the promising new Bahian composer-poet.
CONCERT BY EURÍPEDES MOITINHO, a Bahian bossa nova musician and composer.
FILM: TAMBURI DELL´AMAZZONIA (Drums of the Amazon), by P. Grassini & F. Mariani, regarding the Social Fórum of Manaus and Porto Alegre – First showing in Brazil. Tamburi dell’Amazzonia
FILM: CAPITAN CORELLI, with a commentary by Pietro Gallina.
February, 2006
EXPOSITION BY BAHIAN GRAFFITI WRITERS BIGODE E JULIO, two artists from project Salvador Grafita, in their first formal showing.
PHOTOGRAPHY EXPOSITION “Viaggio tra due continenti” (Travel between two continents), by Italian Davide Diacci
March, 2006
MISSION IN BRAZIL OF THE BUSKERS FESTIVAL OF FERRARA – The director Stefano Bottoni selected 20 Brazilian artists to be invited to Italy, in collaboration with the ICBIE, SESI e FUNDAÇÂO Gregorio de Mattos. Buskers
PHOTOGRAPHY EXPOSITION Pensa Capoeira, in collaboration with the Roberto Rizzo and the Arps &Co (Gallery of Fine Arts of Amsterdam). A group of children from Alagados and Uruguai photographed the reality of their neighborhood. Pensa Capoeira, A Tarde
CREATION AND PRESENTATION OF BODY PAINTING by the Italian painter Guido Daniele.
July, 2006
CLASSICAL PIANO RECITAL by Stefano Greco, in collaboration with the association Casa d’Italia and the National Council of Italian Music (CIDIM). Caderno
ENCOUNTER AND DEBATE SOCIALDREAMING of social psychology, with the University of Rome La Sapienza, coordinated by Dr. Ginevra De Bellis.
November, 2006
ROCK CONCERT – with the bands Hard Call, Universo Paralelo, Crônica167, Barulho S/A and Polly07.
PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT of body painting works of the Italian artist Guido Daniele. Correio da Bahia
PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT by Carol Garcia, on the works of street artists in the Salvador grafita project. Carol Garcia
On November 29, 2006 the ICBIE received the title of municipal public utility (published on p.13 of the Diàrio Oficial), law 260/06
December, 2006
VISIT BY THE PLASTIC ARTIST AND MUSICIAN EDGAR DUVIVIER, who has shown at the MAM (Museum of Modern Art-Solar do Unhao) and is the author of a documentary film about the ICBIE.
FIRST FAIR OF ART AND CRAFTS in the area of the future ICBIE theater.
INAUGURATION OF THE COMPUTER LABORATORY with the opening of computer science courses. ARCI
March, 2007
CONCERT – “FROM EUROPE TO BRAZIL” by the Swiss flautist Judith Rickenbacker and guitarist Danilo Gramoza, in a program of MPB music and Choro. Judith Rickenbacher
July, 2007
OLD TIMES EVENING – a spectacle in homage to Castro Alves, presented by the Salvador artistic and cultural group CAMERATA CASTRO ALVES.
FIRST ICBIE CINEFORUM – a cycle of 12 international cult films, presented by Pietro Gallina. Cineforum, Bahia Italia
August, 2007
CONFERENCE CYCLE – by the RIZA center of Therapy and Natural Medicine.
October, 2007
BRAZILIAN MISSION OF LEE KYU HYUNG, President of the International Association for the Formation of Artists.
SALVADOR GRAFITA TOUR IN ITALIA – A project of the City of Salvador and the ICBIE for local artists, with stops in Rome, Reggio Emilia, Bassano del Grappa, Verbania and Venice. Diario Municipio
POETRY – weekly poetry readings of great Italians, from Dante to Gozzano, presented by Pietro Gallina for the students of advanced Italian courses. Leture Poesie
November, 2007
MEETING DEDICATED TO AMERIGO VESPUCCI – celebrating the 500th anniversary of the word America, held at the Forte São Marcelo in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture in Rio de Janeiro (IICRIO). Vespucci, Vespucci, Correio da Bahia
SECOND ICBIE CINEFORUM – 10 historic films of Italian cinema, presented by Pietro Gallina. Cineforum
December, 2007
MEETING OF GRAFFITI ARTISTS of the Salvador grafita project – with the participation of the Mayor of Salvador João Henrique.
During 2007, the ICBIE received visits by the Italian Ambassator to Brazil, Dr. Michele Vaalensise, and by the Italian General Consul, Dr. Massimo Belelli.

January, 2008
SUPPORT FOR THE PROJECT “SUMMER 2008 – GINGA SALVADOR” – Capoeira, dance and music, at ponta do Humanitá. Ginga Salvador
February, 2008
LAUNCH OF THE PROJECT RIBEIRA ARTS (ON THE ITALIAN FRONTIER), with the participation of the Director of the Italian Institute of Culture in Rio de Janeiro Rubens Piovano, of the Vice-Consul in Salvador Giovanni Pisanu, Mauro Porru of the UFBA, and Paolo Spedicato, film historian. With concerts by Reis and Aldo Brizzi, Jota Veloso and others, art exhibitions by José Paranaguá, Leonel Mattos, Júlio Costa, Bogode Silva and various street artists of the Salvador Grafita Project. A Tarde, A Tarde, Correio da Bahia
March, 2008
ITALIAN LANGUAGE COURSE for a group of 40 dancer/entertainers for Italian resorts, in collaboration with FITNESS MARE of Rimini.
April, 2008
LAUNCH OF THE CATALOG OF THE SALVADOR GRAFITA PROJECT, celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the project, with a concert by Lucas Carvalho and the presentation of the group “Nó de marinheiro”. Salvador Grafita
EUROPEAN TOUR OF THE SALVADOR GRAFITA PROJECT – A project for street artists, organized by the ICBIE and the City of Salvador, with support by private companies, visiting France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Hostel Art Barcelona
May, 2008
SUPPORT FOR THE 2nd ROUND OF THE BAHIAN ROWING CHAMPIONSHIP 2008. The ICBIE hosted the organizers (MEDIAR), the press, and invited guests.
August, 2008
THIRD ICBIE CINEFORUM – 6 films of international cinema, presented by Pietro Gallina. Cineforum
Chronology of Fund-Raising Campaogns:

October, 2003: Exposition and sales of paintings by Ele d’Artagnan at the KS Art Gallery of New York.
14 January, 2006: Jazz concert at Pernilla, in the province of Modena, Italy, organized for the collection of funds, as part of the project “A theater for the low city of Salvador” conceived within the ICBIE.
June, 2006: Inauguration of the Italian seat of the ICBIE and fund-raising drive at the Angelo Mai social center in Rome, Italy.
Septembre, 2006: Exhibition and sale of paintings by Ele d’Artagnan at the KS Art Gallery of New York
October, 2006: Esposizione e vendita quadri di Ele d’Artagnan presso l’ Arps&Co Gallery di Amsterdam, Olanda
July-December, 2006 subscription organized by the association ARCI of Reggio Emilia, Italy, for the construction of the ICBIE computer laboratory.
December, 2006: collection and exchange of self-portraits and photos by the children of the orphanage Minha Vo Flor and the American Overseas School of Rome, Italy.
June, 2007: Benefit concert at the LINUX CLUB, Rome; Festival Ele D’Artagnan, in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture of Amsterdam, the Film Museum and the Arps Gallery, Holland.
October, 2007: Benefit concert at the FACTORY, Rome, with Rosalia de Souza, Nando Reis, Andrea Rivera, Riccardo Sinigallia and the Trio for Bahia. Factory
May, 2008: One World, One Chance, Benefit concert, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
June, 2008: Brazilian Party, with Bahian food and handicrafts, organized by the ICBIE at the cultural center La Villetta, Garbatella, Rome.

With the ICS – International Civil Service for the realization of a work team for the restructuring of the ICBIE classrooms and to catalog the literary patrimony of the Leonardo da Vinci Library.
With the ARCI Solidarity of Reggio Emilia, for the realization of the project for digital inclusion, for the computer laboratory of the ICBIE.
With the CIDIM – Comitato Italiano Nazionale Musica (Italian National Council of Music) for the concert by Stefano Greco.
With the Elementary School Club of Bassano del Grappa, Italy, for primari education.
With the School of Psychology of the University of Rome “La Sapienza,” for the Social Dreaming Project.
With the CSC – Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Italiano (Experimental Center for Italian Cinematography), L.Chiarini Library, Rome.
With the SESI – Theater of Rio Vermelho, Salvador
With the Casa d´Italia, Salvador
With the AXÈ Project, Salvador
With the Arps Gallery of Amsterdam, Holland
With the KS ART Gallery of New York
With the MOSCATI Middle School of Rome
With the magazine for scholastic information VALORE SCUOLA, Rome, Italy
With the Social Center “LA STRADA,” Rome, Italy.
With the Jazz Bar Pernilla, Modena, Italy.
With the IBOFIM, the online newsletter of Cidade baixa, Salvador, Brazil.
With the Capoeira School “San Paolo,” Rome, Italy, with Elena Graziosi.
With De ports en portes – France, Mr. Francis Mignard.
With the CARL ZEISS OBERSCHULE and the IKYC, Berlin, Germany.
With SELMA SANTOS Productions and Events, Salvador.
With the Department of Italian, UFBA, Salvador.
With the Italian Institute of Culture (IICRIO), Rio de Janeiro.
With LAHN ARTISTS, Limburg, Germany. Lahn Artists
The ICBIE also assiste and promotes, through collaborations and donations, local projects of the low city of Salvador, including:

Orphanage Minha vo Flor – Creche da Ribeira
The Filhos do Sol nascente Association – Alagados
The Semente do saber Association – Massaranduba

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