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1 De Setembro

First Event of the Project: ICBIE Cultural Point of Ribeira

Positive results for the first event of Project ICBIE Ponto de Cultura da Ribeira which closed on Sunday, September 11.

The event, dedicated to the Cinema and Sport, began on Thursday 1. September, honoring capoeira and the godfather of this sport, Mestre Bimba, with a documentary film following the trajectory of this famous capoeirista. The hall was filled for the inauguration of our cinema: of course the most consistent presence included the pupils of capoeira UNICAR group. In the following days we had other film screenings, the “Batizado” and performances of capoeira, as well as an interesting laboratory of external expression offered by the dancing master and internationally renowned choreographer Paco Gomes.

And during this last weekend the boys of REPROTAI (Network Network of Protagonists in Itapagipe Action, and the association Bagunçaço ( have driven the tournament of the institutions during lively football matches, all in a friendly atmosphere of celebration.
On Sunday evening, 11. September, we closed with a key encounter, an interesting panel discussion on the importance of sport for social development. The conversation was rich and included famous guests: Marcos Cesar Gomes (better known as Mestre Zambi), Joselito Crispim (founder and coordinator of the Grupo Cultural Bagunçaço), Jair Fonseca (professor and coach of the Escola de Regada Peninsula), Fanny Coclet Ruas de Carvalho (French psychologist) and many other invited guests.

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