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Reentrâncias No ICBIE Divulgação

Dance Theater at ICBIE

On the 17th of August, the ICBIE was the scene of an event that presented a performance called Reentrâncias, a project developed by the Technological Poetics research group from the Theater School of the UFBA, coordinated by Professor Ivani Santana (

Reentrâncias brings together artists from Fortaleza, Maceió, João Pessoa, Salvador and Florianópolis. The “poetic paths” of these cities converge to the São Paulo SESC during August as part of the programming of “Ways to Exist 7”. This presentation took place on 17 August, right at the SESC and at the same time in all other cities, including in Salvador, at the ICBIE.

Reentrâncias is a project that wants to use a city, forcing it to think about itself. Each viewer brings his own experiences, forging an interaction between dance and urbis, using short video dances that can be viewed with a cellphone, while this spectator goes through a virtual urban walk through the “Trilhas Poéticas” application. Made up of many points, the goal is to move the viewer into the city, and in every new place, a new video dance is unlocked and can be displayed, giving thematic images that combine concrete and abstract / feeling and abstraction.

The Salvador route has been placed right in Ribeira, with various tourist spots such as Sorveteria da Ribeira, Penha Church, Crusch Bridge and others.

Everyone can download the application for free and walk through the poetic path in our beloved and bucolic Ribeira. Good fun!

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