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Caterina E SarahS

Caterina & Sarah

Caterina & Sarah

It’s almost two months since the ICBIE welcomed two volunteer Italian ladies in its staff.  They are in Salvador to participate in an international stage put on by the Faculty of Education and Training at the University of Florence, in the field of social education.

They have been busy in community schools in the problematic districts of Massaranduba and Cajazeiras and here at the ICBIE, Caterina Scarselli and Sarah D’Errico have been helping in various activities, from attending to the people in the theater to the writing and editing of texts for our blog.

After a brief vacation, during which Sarah is in Belo Horizonte visiting aunts, uncles and cousins and Caterina is in Rio de Janiero participating in a mini-course at the Theater of the Oppressed, they will return to the ICBIE to stay for a couple more weeks, before departing to discover other parts of Brazil.

Another fortunate encounter for the ICBIE!

Caterina & Sarah

  1. angelaangela01-19-2014

    I need to contact Sarah e catherina please,
    Im a brazilian teacher.

    • angelaangela01-19-2014

      I m anxious to receive both reply from Sarah and Caterina, thank you in advance

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