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Associations’ Day

Day of National and International Associations and International Partners of the ICBIE While the screen in the exposition hall scrolled through all the...

Fashion, Theater and Dance Day

Last Sunday was a busy one at the ICBIE. We opened the event dedicated to Fashion, Theater and Dance with a workshop in re-adapting clothing items from our...

Festival of Wine and the Italian Community

Festival of Wine and the Italian Community On Saturday, December 12th, the day began early at the ICBIE, to prepare everything necessary to receive the guests...
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Language Day

On Wednesday, December 9th, the ICBIE organized an evening to talk about the Institute's language courses, primarily in English and Italian, bringing together...

Arts Day

Street and Plastic Arts Day The day dedicated to the arts, Friday, December 11th, began at the ICBIE with the activity of the graffiti artists, coordinated by...

Saudade with a Smile

It's cold. I'm looking at a pallid winter sunset as I affectionately browse through photos and videos of Ribeira and I don't want to make anyone sad: "the...
IMG 20151208 WA0037

Gastronomy Day

Tuesday, December 8th was a day rich in color and different flavors.  The ICBIE, as part off its Festival of 10 years, decided to dedicate a day to...

Library and Museum Day

Library and Museum Day On Sunday, December 5th, we dedicated the programming of our Festival to the Library and the MEPE museum that recounts the history of...
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