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Wine Party at the ICBIE

The deep ties between Italy and Brazil lie, above all, in the socio-cultural links that cross the oceans to assert the idea that there is only one...
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Wine Party!


The Ten Daughters

The ICBIE wall most exposed to the evening wind now hosts the God of the Sun, shown while openly embracing and safeguarding the Muses, the custodians,...

Happy Birthday, Pietro and Monica!

Last Sunday was a lively and intense day for the ICBIE.  We hosted a variety of diverse events that were attended by about fifty people, including friends,...

The Street Belongs to Us!

During the evening of Thursday, February 20th, the ICBIE hosted a rollicking and animated get-together, thanks to a proposal made by Loona and her group of...
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Paint Brushes, Fishermen and Water Goddesses

1 February 2014 Today we slide down Salvador's streets, to meet a siren, a re-composed creature made of material given a second life.  Her inaugural swim...
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Registration for New Courses in Spanish and Classical Guitar

Registration is open for new ICBIE courses that will begin next month.  Spanish language and, for the first time, classical...

News from Salvador

The collaboration between the ICBIE in Italy and the ICBIE in Salvador has been reinforced this year with Loona's trip to Bahia.  Loona is the President of...
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