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The ultimate goal of the I.C.B.I.E. is to empower the disadvantaged youth of Salvador, giving them education and artistic skills that will permit them to obtain meaningful employment, to escape from the vicious circle of poverty, ignorance and violence.

To provide educational and cultural resources for the local community of Salvador, the Institute of Culture Brazil Italy Europe focuses upon the following initiatives:

An integrated program aiming to enrich and improve the understanding, integration and cultural exchange between Italy and Brazil, two nations with deep historic ties.
Formal courses in computer technology, foreign languages (mainly Italian, English and Portuguese for foreigners), visual arts, theater, music and hapkido.
Seminars in photography, filmmaking, dance, fashion design, handicrafts, cuisine, literature and poetry.
The Leonardo da Vinci Library, with more than 12,000 books, videos, and music CDs, open to the public.
Art and photography exhibits, concerts and lectures, given by visiting artists, scholars and musicians.
A base for genuine cultural exchange, where visiting social workers, NGOs and socially responsible tourists can meet with locals, fostering a mutual respect and understanding.
Outreach in support of worthy local associations, orphanages, and schools.


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Giant Lesson for the ENEM

GIANT LESSON IN RIBEIRA’S COSTA & SILVA SCHOOL Last Saturday, the 7th of October, about 150 students from the State School “Presidente Costa...

ENEM Preparation

In partnership with the SEC Secretariat of Education and with the coordination of Professor Renato Dórea the ICBIE is promoting on October 7 at the...

Italian Cinema Festival

The Festival Festa do Cinema Italiano brings once again to Brazil an ambitious and exclusive selection, with the best and most interesting films of...
Reentrâncias No ICBIE Divulgação

Dance Theater at ICBIE

On the 17th of August, the ICBIE was the scene of an event that presented a performance called Reentrâncias, a project developed by the...

Cultural diagnosis

MEETING TO DEFINE A CULTURAL DIAGNOSIS OF THE CITY OF SALVADOR Last Tuesday, March 4th 2017, the ICBIE hosted a workshop, “Cultural Diagnosis...

Cinema and Memory

New ICBIE Event for the Culture Point Project. Cinema and Memory, from April 27 – May 7, 2017 Here is the complete program of the event:...
IMG 20170329 WA0018

Local Students Come for a Visit

To mark the 468th anniversary of the foundation of the city of Salvador on the 29th of March, 1549, we celebrated the historic event with a meeting...

A Gastronomic English Lesson

Last Friday, the 17th of March, there was a particularly enjoyable and tasty English lesson, held by Renée Codsi, who taught how to prepare a...

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