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The ultimate goal of the I.C.B.I.E. is to empower the disadvantaged youth of Salvador, giving them education and artistic skills that will permit them to obtain meaningful employment, to escape from the vicious circle of poverty, ignorance and violence.

To provide educational and cultural resources for the local community of Salvador, the Institute of Culture Brazil Italy Europe focuses upon the following initiatives:

An integrated program aiming to enrich and improve the understanding, integration and cultural exchange between Italy and Brazil, two nations with deep historic ties.
Formal courses in computer technology, foreign languages (mainly Italian, English and Portuguese for foreigners), visual arts, theater, music and hapkido.
Seminars in photography, filmmaking, dance, fashion design, handicrafts, cuisine, literature and poetry.
The Leonardo da Vinci Library, with more than 12,000 books, videos, and music CDs, open to the public.
Art and photography exhibits, concerts and lectures, given by visiting artists, scholars and musicians.
A base for genuine cultural exchange, where visiting social workers, NGOs and socially responsible tourists can meet with locals, fostering a mutual respect and understanding.
Outreach in support of worthy local associations, orphanages, and schools.


1 De Setembro

First Event of the Project: ICBIE Cultural Point of Ribeira

Positive results for the first event of Project ICBIE Ponto de Cultura da Ribeira which closed on Sunday, September 11. The event, dedicated to the...

Cinema and Sport

ICBIE Program September 2016 – Cinema and Sport Taking advantage of the Olympic festivities, the ICBIE offers a special programming, based on...

July 21, 2016

On Thursday afternoon the students of the School José Maria used the ICBIE facilities to view a film projection on first aid. It was a different...
IMG 20160724 114149

A Lively Sunday at the ICBIE

Sunday, July 24th, was a particularly lively Sunday at our place. The ICBIE hosted a “Health, Citizenship and Art” fair, organized by the...


In 2014, the Secretary of Culture of the State of Bahia awarded the ICBIE with formal recognition as a Point of Culture, which is a cultural...
Festa ICBIE 2016

12th Annual ICBIE/Socrate Party – Saturday, June 18, 2016

Once again this year, we celebrated the lifeline that binds two continents, two projects and the same dream of change: ICBIE Italy-Brazil! The Roman...

Partnership with Novadezordem

One of our old friends, one of the first drawing students and a member of the theater crew, the talented young Josemar Oliveira, has developed a...

ICBIE Events

The ICBIE always keeps its doors open to other groups or associations, for the realization of cultural and artistic events. This semester has seen us...

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